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Skin Care...

Anti-Aging Facial (1 hour 15 min)   $75.00 + up
Includes collagen masks ( red caviar or vitamin C) 
Special Serums  (Ampoules) that have anti-oxidant agents

Diamond Serum $10.00
prevents aging by rejuvenating and regenerating skin. This improves skin microcirculation creating luminescent and radiant skin recovery.  Made in France

Expression Lines Serum $10.00 
Botox Like Serum.  Does not contain any botox, it makes skin more relaxed, smooth and visibly younger. 
The product is based 100% vegetable active issued from mafane. The extract of this plant trains the facial muscles to be firmer, not paralyzing them. Made in France.  The Hyaluronic Acid Serum is amazing for immediate and long term skin hydration. The product is based on natural hyaluronic acid. Made in France.

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Therapeutic Facial ( 1 hour )      $75.00 + up
Our certified Esthetician will cleanse and analyze the skin, then customize the facial to the skin's specific needs (i.e, dry, combination, oily or sensitive skin.) 

Men's Choice Facial ( 1 hour )     $75.00 + up
Includes a complete skin assessment, custom blended deep cleansing, steam and Enzyme Therapy exfoliation, and a conditioning mask personalized for your skin. You'll also experience a destressing mask of the face, neck and shoulders that will leave you feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. For maximum benefit, this revitalizing treatment should be done once a month. Treatment time: 1 hour.

Acne Clearing Treatment ( 1 hour )     $75.00 + up 
Designed to clear up troublesome breakouts, this treatment a thorough cleansing, Enzyme Therapy exfoliation and therapeutic steam. In addition, your pores will be deep cleansed and a healing acne power mask applied. A series of six weekly treatments and a special at-home agenda is required for maximum results. Treatment time: 1 hour.

Mini Facial Maintenance Treatment ( 30min )     $60.00 + up 
A personalized 30-minute treatment that helps keep your skin in balance between your regular facial treatments. We recommened you have a minimum of two Maintance Treatments per month. Treatment time: 30 miunutes.

Pure Collagen Mask ( with a facial )     add  $10.00 

Special Services 
Lash Perming     $60.00 
Lash Tinting     $28.00 
Brow Tinting     $16.00 

In order to serve you better, we do request a 24-hour notice for cancelling and re-scheduling appointments. 

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